Think summer's over? Think again! 5 Places you need to see in London this summer

"A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else"

Can you believe that it's September already?! It feels like only yesterday that I had to run to the shops to pick up a pair of shorts that will undoubtedly sit in a cupboard until we next see the sun in about 11 months time! However, just because the holidays are up, that doesn't mean that we have to suddenly stop enjoying the city so here are 5 places to see to extend that summer feeling for as long as possible.

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The British Museum

From a young age, we would always go to the British Museum during school breaks to get out of the house (I guess I now know who to blame for me getting a history degree eh), and it is still worth the trip now. The museum has a regularly changing group of exhibitions that range from being about China and Africa to South America and even Ancient Egypt - fully equipped with more than a couple of sarcophagi. Even if you aren't interested in history, the building itself is well worth a visit, from the old exterior facade to the great atrium with its clear roof so hey, there's something to keep everyone entertained! Just check their website to see if there are any special exhibitions you fancy too.

Also, pro tip! There's a cafe just across the road from the main entrance called Syrup of Soot that is well worth a trip to recharge either before or after!

Kew Gardens

So picture this: It's a hot day, the sun's out and you can feel the humidity causing a bead of sweat to drip down your forehead. You hear the sound of water falling and quickly dart under the leaf of a huge tropical plant to not get wet, noticing just how large the drooping leaf is. Now remember that no, you didn't hike hours into the Indonesian jungle to get there, you just took a tube to Kew and walked into the temperate house. (Don't worry, I'll wait for a sec for that disappointment to fade.....)... Much like the Eden Project in Cornwall, Kew is one of the world's most prominent plant conservation areas and are well worth a trip. Go early to avoid the crowds and you'll forget that you are actually in a city of 8 million people in no time at all!

Brick Lane Market

During the week, this unassuming street looks like any other - a couple of shops, some restaurants, and people just kind of milling around. show up on a Sunday however and it is a whole other animal as street performers fill in the gaps between second-hand stalls full of oddities and trinkets. Head for a wander and you may just come back with a bargain or two.

Notting Hill

It feels like the only time Notting Hill is in the spotlight is during the annual carnival in August, but there is plenty to enjoy about the area every other weekend of the year too. As you've probably seen on instagram, the area is full of aesthetic pastel coloured houses and old cars, each the perfect backdrop for a picture while on a stroll. Make the trip over the weekend and visit the crowded market to see just how eccentric the area ca get. That the area is fairly full of good cafe's definitely pushes it slightly higher up the list of things to do over a weekend for sure!

London Zoo

I don't know about you, but Zoo's are one of those places that I always love going to and always have a great time, but will easily go years in between visits. Thankfully this was remedied the other week and we finally made it back to London Zoo and yup, definitely worth putting it on the list (in fact I may have had to go back and edit this post to replace a theme park with it... oops). From watching them feed the tigers and penguins, to having the lemurs clamber around you in search of a new branch to swing on, the zoo has a little something for everyone. Plus, what day has ever been made worse by looking at lions for an hour?! Go by train and pick up a 2-for-1 voucher to make it even better.

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