Milan Photo Guide: Italy's Fashionista Capital

"Milan is a true metropolis: strong and fearless, but welcoming, too" - Giorgio Armani

Milan can be summarised into three words: fashion, food, and the Duomo - the Cathedral that dominates the city skyline. Apart from those though, the city is a haven for tourists all year round, with things to suit everybody. So, with that in mind, here are some of our fave pics from a recent city-break to inspire your shutter-finger!

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For now, enjoy! Don't hesitate to get in touch with any ideas, or just to share your own favorite Milanese travel shots!

Sunrise behind the Duomo

Sunset at the Duomo... original, right?

Milano Centrale, the city's railway station, is one of the most incredible buildings in the city

Lake Garda, just a short train journey away

Stunning churches seem to exist around every street corner

Like other Italian cities, you're never far away from a vespa...

... or another yellow and orange street.

The city is full of aesthetic old trams that give the metropolis an antique feel

The city's 'monument' cemetery is a work of art that you can walk around.

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