An instagram guide to Singapore: Your blueprint to where to take the best photos in Asia's thriv

“what you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food crazy culture” – Anthony Bourdain

Singapore is both familiar and unfamiliar; a distinctly Asian city on the one hand and yet you turn a corner and it feels like you’ve walked onto a random street in Manhattan or London, the whole thing is a mix of different aesthetics and cultures brought to the country by its extremely diverse population. Add to this the governments’ dedication to conservation and green spaces and you have a country that is not only incredibly intriguing to travel through but, also, amazing to photograph. So, with that in mind, here is a list of some of our favorite instagrammable areas in Singapore – an Instagram guide to Singapore if you will!

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The Green Corridor Railway Track

There’s something about taking photos of railway tracks that makes everything so great. I don’t know whether it’s all of the leading lines or just the idea that it must be dangerous but track photos just work – I mean, think about all the people who trek to Hanoi’s train street for the perfect Instagram photo! Thankfully, Singapore’s own railway bridge Instagram location is a bit safer than most because the tracks aren’t exactly connected to anything. Part of an old railway line that connected Kuala Lumpur and Singapore that was discontinued in 2011, the land has since been re-purposed as a green hiking trail. Thankfully, the old station at Bukit Timah, as well as this railway bridge and track, have been kept so go be creative on some tracks!

How to find it: Take the downtown line to King Albert Park, then head left on Bukit Timah Road. The bridge is about a 5 minute walk away. You can’t miss it!


If you’re used to Chinatowns being the standard stand-alone road with a red and gold archway and red ribbons, then Singapore’s Chinatown may well come as a bit of a surprise – it’s awesome. During the day, Chinatown’s food and goods market becomes a hive of activity, with people exploring all of the little shops and trying all of the street food they can get their hands on while at night, the tables and chairs come out as the bars open and the night market starts – the perfect street-photography spot. If you’re looking for more of a quiet vibe, I’d fully recommend coming early morning to avoid the crowds (not to mention the heat!). while you’re there, be sure to check out the nearby mosque – the first in Singapore!

How to find it: Take the MTR to Chinatown and boom, you’re there!

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple (Chinatown)

Probably one of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is an absolute must when it comes to great Instagram locations in Singapore. One thing you don’t notice in pictures is just how big the building is, so be sure to pack a wide angle lens if you want to get it all into one shot

How to find it: You can’t really miss this one! Take the MTR to Chinatown, walk to the end of the road, turn right and it’s the big red temple! If you want to get the aerial view, there is a set of stairs that leads up a housing estate in the corner closest to the market that doesn’t have a door so just walk up to get the shot. Just remember that it is a residential building so be respectful of the people that live there!

Chinese Gardens

I don’t know about you, but I was fully noticing a theme in Singapore when it came to some of their most instagrammable locations – especially seeing as I was travelling FROM China… Either way, these gardens are not to be missed. A little bit outside the downtown area, the Singapore’s Chinese Garden is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and a great addition to your feed! With multiple pagodas spread out across the park, as well as a museum and a lake – not to mention all of the plants and flowers that cover the grounds – the park is a great way to enjoy an afternoon in Singapore. Oh, and if that’s not enough, the Japanese Gardens next door are sure to bring some extra buzz to the gram!

How to find it: Super easy to find, take the East-West metro line to Chinese Garden and then just follow the signs.


50 years ago Bugis was known as Singapore’s seedy nightlife area centre, now though, it’s gone full bougie and embraced the aesthetic to become a popular tourist spot for shoppers and photographers alike. From the art-lined Hagis Lane – Singapore’s hipster capital, to the myriad of fancy café’s, museums, and shops, Bugis has a little something for everyone; and that’s even before you mention the Masjid Sultan Mosque – one of the most impressive in the city and it’s stunning gold domed roof!

If you’re looking for somewhere to recharge, one of our favourite café’s in Singapore is in area so be sure to check it out!

How to find it: Take the Metro to Bugis (surprise, surprise), turn left onto North Bridge Road and walk until you see the Mosque – you can’t miss it!

Gardens by the Bay This is so obvious I considered even having it in here but alas, it woldn’t be a photography guide to Singapore without mentioning the incredible Gardens by the Bay and its ‘supertrees’ outside. With the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel as its backdrop, have you even been to Singapore if the area doesn’t make its way onto your Instagram feed?! For the actual gardens, I’d definitely suggest getting there early before the busses of tourists make their way. While it’s a huge garden, the actual path that you walk along is surprisingly small and if you want a picture of *that* waterfall, you’ll 100% be wanting to get it before they arrive and ruin your shot.

For the supertrees, just wander around and enjoy it! There’s tonnes of cool angles to get some pictures and you really can’t miss them so go wild! That said, definitely make sure you go up the stairs to the second level of the park where there are some cool viewing points that are great for posed portraits with them in the background.

Final thing to note is that both the gardens and the trees are big. Like really big. Surprisingly big. Massive. So keep that in mind when you’re choosing what gear to carry as I found that even on my 12mm lens (APS-C sensor) it was a struggle to get everything in the shot!

How to find it: Take the Downtown or Circle lines to Bayfront and just follow the signs”

Little India

If bright, vibrant colours are your thing, then look no further than Little India as Singapore’s top instagrammable location! Colourful walls and cute houses are everywhere, not to mention some amazingly ornate Hindu temples so, I mean, what are you waiting for?! Also, make sure to head around lunchtime and take full advantage of all the incredible food! Plus, if you’re looking for a café nearby to recharge, check out our Singapore coffee guide for some nearby options!

How to find it: Take the MTR to Little India, step out and explore!

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