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London is one of the most visited cities in the world and so, by extension, has become one of the most photographed places around. In such a big and diverse city however, it is quite surprising that a lot of photos are extremely similar: a red telephone box in front of Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge. Trafalgar Square etc etc. Now I’m not saying these aren’t fantastic (sunset at Tower Bridge is extraordinary!!), but what about the rest? Here we compile our top 5 ‘alternative’ picture spots in the capital, so grab some comfortable shoes and explore some different sides to the city.

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Peggy Porschen

Founded in Chelsea in 2010, the Peggy Porschen cake shop has passed into folklore for being arguably the most aesthetically pleasing bakery in Europe! Boasting an entirely pink exterior surrounded by vintage-style bicycles and flowers, it is little wonder that it has recently become a bit of an Instagram sensation. So, snap a cute picture, grab a coffee and cake, sit and just watch those likes flood in!

Mayfield Lavender

The questionable British weather? Check. A red telephone box? Check. A stunning field of lavender? Ch-wait, what? Yeah it got us too but it is true, just outside of central London lies a lavender field with rows of purple flowers interposed with props like the phone box and even a coffee shop in an old airstream trailer. It Is basically a narcissists/ photographer’s dream (erase as appropriate 😉) so go on, who doesn’t want to go for a walk through a field of lavender?

Notting Hill

More famous for its annual cultural festival than for everything else, pictures of Notting Hill, and the nearby Portobello market, have been taking Instagram by storm, and it is easy to see why. Colourful buildings, cute café’s and some of the most aesthetic ‘doorways of the world’-style houses make this area in the West end a must-see for visitors to the British capital. If visiting for the festival though, it is probably best to leave the camera gear at home – just a head’s up!

One New Change

So this isn’t necessarily a hidden spot per se, what with the view being of St. Paul’s Cathedral and all, but the new perspective makes it well worth a visit. The modern One New Change building in the heart of the city is a godsend for photographers in London. With a rooftop garden open to the public between 6am and midnight every day, it is the perfect place to grab a shot of the sun rising and setting over the heart of London – and all while being able to sip on a gin and tonic from the rooftop bar. Does city living really get much better than that?

Richmond Park

What do they say? Save the best until last and, while I’m not sure Richmond Park is necessarily the best, it has the potential to be. A 856 hectare wildlife preserve that has housed around 630 wild deer since 1637, Richmond Park may be a slog to get to but, with the right light and the pretty background, you could get some epic shots.

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