Editing Holiday Snaps on the Go!

"Editing is what I enjoy most - putting the pieces together and making sense of them" - Christian Marclay

Carrying on from the last post about what photography gear I travel with, this week we decided to take a quick look at how to edit those pictures on the go – without needing to pack a laptop or any other heavy and unnecessary gear. Thankfully, mobile editing apps have improved significantly so we aren’t exactly limited to the in-house Instagram editor anymore. Here we’ll go into a couple of different ways we’ve edited on the go without needing a whole separate bag for your laptop. As a pointer, every photo in this post will have been looked at using these same apps etc, just as some examples.

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Shoot RAW

This probably goes without saying, but the best way to start is by making sure your camera is set to shoot RAW. This isn’t a technical photography blog, so I’ll spare the boring technical details, but it means that you will have far more control over the outcome of a photo.

Lightroom CC

So, you’ve taken your photo and now it needs to be edited, the best place to start is lightroom CC. As someone who always travels with an iPad, I use a dongle card reader to get the photos from my camera, but how you get them there are up to you.

With both android and apple able to open Raw files, you’ll have complete control of those sliders and, if you have a subscription, will be able to edit select areas for more control. Recent updates to Lighroom CC also means that you can use your desktop presets on your phone or tablet!

Lens Distortions

Looked at this app after Peter Mckinnon’s own use of it in a recent video and it’s impressive for the job it does! Lens distortions is a phone app that basically lets you add all of those little embellishments and artistic flares that would be basically impossible to do in camera without being spending an age controlling everything and, well, who has time for that?! We’d maybe recommend not going too crazy though, these things look better when it isn’t too dominating in the shot.

So there you have it, a quick and easy editing process for the road with minimal gear. Be sure to tag us in some of your mobile edits!

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