Chefchaouen City Guide: How you should spend 24-hours in Morocco's stunning blue city!

"[Morocco's culture] all have slightly different colours, so it's just an inspiring place to be" - Mark Foster

Famous for its blue-coloured streets, Chefchaouen perfectly sums up the influence of colour on Morocco's culture. It may be a tiny city 4-hours north of Fes, but it absolutely has to be on your itinerary. Nicknamed the 'blue city', Chefchaouen is full of tourists and for good reason, it is basically impossible to take a bad picture here. Like literally, the blue hues of the street make the perfect backdrop. Add to that the hiking opportunities and the cute medina and you have yourself the perfect 24 hours. Heads up though, you will have to stay the night as the bus times don't exactly line up to make it a day-trip! So here goes, our Chefchaouen city guide!

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The sunset viewpoint!

A mere 15 minute walk from the main Kasbah into the surrounding hills sits the Mosquee Bouzafaar, a must-see in Chefchaouen. From there you can see the whole medina, a patchwork of blue in the green and brown hills that surround it. Unsure of where to go? Just follow the crowds as it gets closer to sunset as a steady stream of tourists and locals alike make the jouney to watch the sun set behind the blue city. Heads up though, the walk is on rocky and unsteady terrain so wear appropriate footwear! Can't be twisting your ankle before you get to the top.

Food on the square Take a seat at any one of the restaurant terraces in the Kasbah and you'll be welcomed by food that is still relatively cheap while still being able to sit and look at the colourful world pass you by. It's also worth recognising that the hosts/ waiters were quick to tell street sellers to leave diners alone, something you don't always get while travelling around the country. Oh, and it's also maybe 15 minutes to the viewpoint we mentioned above, so perfect for a pre-sunset bite to eat before you walk it off heading up the hill!

One-stop shop for souvenirs!

Apart from the classic leather bags and purses that line the walls of every medina, Chfchaouen has a couple of stores that cater to your artsy side. stores like la Botica de la Abuela Aladdin are full to the brim with handmade soaps and perfumes of all kinds of smells. Combine that with a healthy spice selection and it's the perfect place to shop for a souvenir or two.

Wander round every corner!

Unlike a lot of Morocco, Chefchaouen's medina has an almost serene feeling to it and, with crowds at a minimum, Chefchaoen is a much calmer place to wander than much of the rest of the country. So take advantage of it. Every corner is different and with clothes, murals, plants, and mosaics decorating some of the smallest alleyways, the contrast they give to the blue is worth finding.

Hike the surrounding hills

If you're in town for longer than the day or two that we were, then we'd definitely recommend a hike into the surrounding hills. The short walk up to the Mosquee Bouzafaar was enough to show us what we were missing by moving on so soon. the entrance to the path has a map with various hiking trails for you to take advantage of.

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