Bologna in Pictures: A Photographic City Guide

"The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality" - Scott Lorenzo

Bologna is one of Italy's most underrated cities, and one that deserves a lot more attention. So, what better way to shine a spotlight on it than to highlight some of our best spots in the city through photography? Scroll down to see the city from some of our fave angles!

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You can never go wrong with a pastry and a view!

The Asinelli towers dominate the city's landscape

Sunset at the piazza maggiore

Bologna's 666 porticos lead from the city centre to the Sanctuario di San Luca

... and the walk is oh so worth it

... definitely worth it.

There is also coffee. Italian coffee... Enough said!

Secret windows are also pretty cool...

... especially in a city that looks like it was built for the cinema from above.

Overall, it's just a stunning place for a city-break!

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