5 Apps you shouldn't travel without!

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." - Hemingway

With millions of apps and so little space on our devices, the decision as to what to download often comes down to if we can face deleting some of our favorite games! Well, in a futile attempt to de-clutter our phones, here is our list of apps every traveller should have downloaded, leaving the rest free to be replaced with that addictive game we totally aren't embarrassed about!

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The Journey

Woo! So you’re going away, and how best to prepare than by downloading Tripcase? The app keeps all of your flight details, car rental bookings, and hotel reservations as well as airport transfers and onward journeys by train and bus all in one handy place, If that sounds like a lot, throw in airport maps, a handy to-do list and live monitoring of your journey to let you know well in advance of any changes that may have occurred, and who says the jack of all trades can’t be a master?


Now, I know I have championed airbnb before here but, having used hostelworld on a couple of recent trips, their app is one of the most useful accommodation solutions in a bind. Being able to filter results in a number of different ways, as well as being able to book instantly and offline directions to your hostel (something that came in super handy in Cuba!), hostelworld just about edged it here.


As much as we like to think that waving our hands around will get us understood just about everywhere we go, there are some moments where using mime doesn’t quite cut it, and that is where google translate comes in. Radical, right? With you being able to download entire languages for offline translation, the app is incredibly helpful in a bind. Of course, you could always just check out our guide on learning languages here!


So, once you have the logistics sorted it’s time to go out and actually see things, and that is where Google has your back again. Input your city, the dates you’re going (or just let it take it automatically from your gmail account) and watch as google puts together day-plans, walks, and much much more. Hell, it even tells you where to grab a coffee, though you may appreciate these handy city coffee-guides.

Picture Editing

Okay, let’s be honest, did you even get away if you didn’t Instagram it for the world to see? Now, while no app can really replace the advantages of a great camera and a good deal of post-editing know-how, Snapseed is probably the closest you can get using a conventional app. Boasting a series of filters and pro-like features, the app easily allows you to edit those snaps on the go to ensure your friends know just how amazing a time you’re having!

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