Valletta Photo Guide: 10 Pics of the Maltese Capital

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." - Ansel Adams

The medieval nation of Malta has an interesting history that saw it used as a lunching-spot for the Crusades, as well as a British protectorate, and everything in-between. Because of that storied past, the island has a cool Britain-in-the-sun kind of feel while managing to use its narrow streets and old forts to lend its own unique charm. So, while we recently uploaded a Valletta city guide (check it out here), we thought we would do a 'top-10' photo city guide to the Maltese capital.

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Sunset somehow feels a little more special when the dust kicks off the narrow streets

The 4pm cannon-fire to mark the end of the day is great when accompanied by golden hour

So good we had to take pics of pics

Fort St. Elmo juts out in defiance of the sea in the north-eastern corner of Valletta

Cafe Cordina - a 175 year old cafe. Don't mind if i do!

The island still has a hangover from its British colonial past, giving it a little surreal feel at times

Church of St. Peter's Shipwreck - one of the most aesthetic and ornate Churches in Europe, surely..

Narrow streets everywhere. Also, fyi, this happened to be our most liked insta picture ever sooooo, definitely a huge plus

Also, doors, like really cute doors.

What you see: A government building. What you don't see: A huge ice-cream cone in the middle of November BECAUSE we can that's why! Also, because we are tooootally adults!!!

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