London - 5 Day Trips from the Capital

"No, no! The adventures first. Explanations take such a dreadful time" - Lewis Carroll

London is a city full of bright lights, British accents, and constant adventure but sometimes we all need to escape the city, and what better way to do that than with a day trip to the country. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 day-trips from London that can be done without a car. Grab your camera, a rucksack and a pair of comfortable shoes and let's get out there!

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Box Hill

With its huge population and addiction to rushing around, London can quickly become overwhelming, and Box Hill is by far the best place to escape to! With a range of hikes for all abilities as well as a range of events (check their calendar!) and a stunning river, Box Hill is the perfect destination for a day trip from the city. While the closest train station to the summit (Box Hill station) is a half-mile away and the buses do not run on Sundays, don’t let this put you off! The park still contains some of the best views in the area and is rife for exploration. Be sure to find and climb the stone guard tower on your walk around! If you can, go around Easter and watch their resident biking groups race around the local roads.


Easily accessible by bus (24/7) or train (every 30 minutes), the city of Oxford is synonymous with the university. In fact, a local student once said that the best way to spot a tourist is to find the only ones wearing Oxford University hoodies. As a student city containing a great deal of shops along its medieval aesthetics, Oxford is a fantastic place to get lost in and explore the small streets and alleyways. Spend a full day here and be sure to visit the Oxford covered marker, dating back to 1774, as well as having a shot at punting along the river – all the while posing for aesthetically pleasing pictures, of course… #DoItForTheGram


No trip to London is complete without a day trip to the seaside. Under an hour outside London (and just a direct train journey away) sits Brighton’s quirky vibe. With a wide range of activities from the famous Brighton Pier, a tonne of museums, restaurants, and a nightlife worthy of the trip itself, Brighton is a fantastic day trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Not to mention the fact that it is, arguably, the most LGBT-friendly city in the UK! Take some friends and release your inner child as you play minigolf on the beach and play arcade games on the pier, before watching the sunset from the beach. Just be sure to bring a coat. It may be the beach, but it is still cold in the UK!


Bath’s prominence first came to the fore over two-thousand years ago when the Romans invaded Britain. And – let’s face it – if it’s good enough for the Romans, it is definitely a safe bet for a day trip! With a small-town charm that perfectly combines the local shops with the Roman Baths (natural hot spring built up by the Romans), and just a 90-minute train trip from London, Bath is a perfect city to explore on foot! Be sure to take one of the free walking tours around the city and take a dip in the Thermae Bath Spa.

Salisbury/ Stonehenge

With trains running every 30 minutes from London, Salisbury is easily the most underrated day trip destination on this list. A small town with a medieval street plan and wooden houses, Salisbury grew out from its cathedral in the 13th century and has arguably peaked in importance. However, undermine the city at your own risk. With a beautiful cathedral that houses the historic Magna Carta document, and shuttle buses that run from the town centre to the stunning Stonehenge, Salisbury is not to be forgotten.

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