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Boasting a mean roast and a vast number of independent artisanal coffee stores, New Yorkers are spoilt for choice when it comes to topping-up their caffeine fix. So, with that in mind, we eschewed the main streets and the shining Starbucks signs (because of course we would) and headed out in search of good coffee. Here we go, below is our top 5 coffee shops in New York City.

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Homecoming: 107 Franklin St, Brooklyn

Part flower shop, part coffeehouse, Homecoming is a unique spot in Williamsburg to get your coffee fix. Despite its minimal seating (just a couple of seats at the front and an outside area for when the sun is shining), Homecoming’s tasty coffee and quirky vibe makes it a great spot to take a quick break from your meandering of the artsy Williamsburg streets.

TRY: Taking the setting in mind, it’s no surprise that the flowery flavour extends to the menu, with the chai latte and hibiscus doughnut topping our list of recommendations!

Greecologies: 379 Broome Street, New York

Located just across Brooklyn Bridge in the Italian area of town, Greecologies is a coffee-stop with a difference in that it specialises in on-site made yogurt. Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques, Greecologies is able to combine a modern interior design with good coffee and a unique snack to coax yourself through your day (if the comfy seats and wifi doesn’t distract you first)!

TRY: Their modern-made yogurt with banana slices, cocoa nips, sesame seeds and honey is to die for.

Reunion: 544 Union Avenue, Brooklyn

Also in Williamsburg, Reunion is a caffeine pit-stop that may just convince you to stay for a meal. With a fantastic aesthetic, Reunion’s menu takes inspiration from the owners’ Israeli-roots to offer an interesting selection of food to go along with your coffee. With its friendly staff and cosy atmosphere, a quick visit may well be enough to turn this Union Avenue staple into a regular trip!

TRY: For the caffeine-needy, their chai latte is fantastic but if you have some free time, you can’t go wrong with their falafel starter!

Brooklyn Roasting Company: 25 Jay Street, Brooklyn

They may be all over the place (well, in a few different locations across the city at least), but their home will always be Jay Street. Roasting a selection of small-batch beans from acros the world, Brooklyn Roasting Company’s fairtrade and organic coffee is brewed on site within view of their grinding machines. With a stable wifi connection as well as a good selection of pastries, a juice-bar and a book store on-site (not to mention the exposed-brick interior), this is a coffee shop you could easily spend all day in working on whatever you need done and not even notice the hours roll by! Need to stretch your legs? With the water-front park just across the street, this is the ideal space to park-up all day.

TRY: Have a sweet-tooth? Their maple shay surely won’t disappoint.

Absolute Coffee: 327 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

Staying in Brooklyn, Absolute Coffee is a neighborhood favorite. Easily reached on the A and C metro line, this cute coffee stop may soon become a regular journey. Brewing a wide range of unique roasts, Absolute is perfect for people looking for a good coffee to see them through their morning tasks. For the more adventurous visitor, the store also carries maps of Brooklyn’s different districts, outlining the city’s independent stores, restaurants, and services, making this a fantastic starting point for an exploration-filled day!

TRY: Take a look-see at what they’re brewing that day and consider a filter coffee to get you on your way.

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