Save money on your travels: 3 simple steps

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Travelling, I’m sure you know, is a hell of a lot of fun but, unfortunately, can also be extremely expensive. For this reason, we here at Latte Wanderer decided we would fill you in on a few different techniques you can use to shave a few pounds off of your next trip! After all, the more money you save on flights and accommodation, the more you can spend on the experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:

Right so you’ve chosen your destination and already have an idea of what you want to see, now you just have to actually get there. The best way to get there often depends on where it is that you’re going. Within America for example the best way Is often to drive. Joining together with friends and driving across America on your holiday will not only save you money (especially when you factor in just how expensive planes are on that side of the world!), but can also be a great way to give you more freedom en-route, allowing you to take detours to other points of interests! Thankfully, in more connected continents such as Europe and Asia, you have a number of alternatives when it comes to travelling, including high-speed trains and low-cost flights.

By now it is fairly common for people to use price-comparison sites such as Skyscanner in order to find the best deals on flights but price guarantees and money-back schemes are often less-used. Companies like Expedia that offer to match your lowest price (and give you a voucher off your next trip) on anything from planes, trains and hotels are can be combined with money-back sites such as Quidco that give you cashback for going through them. It may only be few pounds but every penny counts, not to mention that you can earn miles with each purchase! Oh, it’s also worth doing your checking on incognito mode, sites that track cookies can tell if you’re looking for flights and are more likely to give you a higher cost…

For people in the UK you can also pop down to your local train station and pick up a 16-25 railcard that gives you 33% off train tickets (London to Edinburgh for less than £40? Yes please!).


Unfortunately, accommodation can often the most expensive part of a trip, adding up as the days go on. Fortunately for those of us who travel with the intention of our accommodation being solely a base from which we can go on our adventure, it becomes a lot easier to put up without the little luxuries on offer in hotels in return for more spending money! For people on a shoestring budget, hostels are definitely a good way to go, with companies like YHA (in the UK) providing an extensive range in accommodation throughout the country for cut-prices compared to their hotel counterparts. Alternatively, there is always Airbnb. As I eluded to in a prior article, not only can staying in an Airbnb be a far more interesting way to experience a new place than a standard hotel, but with many of them below £30 a night, it can also be the cheapest!

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So you’ve sorted out your flights at a cut-price rate and snagged yourself some accommodation that doesn’t break the bank. The next step? Your bags. We all love having an outfit for every occasion, but how often do you ever actually wear it all? Airlines are notorious for adding on extra fees for every small detail of you trip, but none is more avoidable than the checked bag cost. It may not seem like much with prices from £20 for the cheapest checked luggage, but when you consider that it may well be half empty for a short city-break and that that price is only one-way, it becomes an avoidable expense that you could easily spend better enjoying your destination!

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